Another Constitutional Attack??

“It’s definitely a breach of the First Amendment rights, the Constitution and everything else,” Holder said during a phone interview. “What is happening toView » the American dream? To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I was born and raised in the United States.” — Joey Holder, owner of Valley Girls, Rio Grande Valley, TX

flagWhat could this latest threat to our liberties be? Warrantless wiretaps? More Guantanamo detainees? Another raid on the Crime Victims Fund?

Nope, it’s the latest idea in funding sexual assault programs in Texas…a $5 tax on strip clubs, dubbed, “The Pole Tax.” Expected to raise some $40 million for sexual assault programs, the fee went into effect on Jan. 1 and is being challenged by bar owners, saying there is no relationship between nude bars and rape [Topless bar owners: Don’t strip us of our rights, The Monitor].


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