Teen Action Campaign and New Website on Drug Abuse

Dear Friends:

Hope you are all settling into a productive 2008! I wanted to offer my recommendation to ya’ll on a great speaker/presenter for victim conferences. Mildred Muhammad is the ex-wife of the man known as the “D.C. Sniper,” who is now working to help other survivors of domestic violence. She has a very compelling story to tell about her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence; having her children kidnapped; and being the main target of her ex-husband as he committed countless murders and assaults in the DC Metropolitan Area. You can visit her website at http://www.afterthetrauma.org/; and for information about speaking engagements, you can contact Mildred directly via email at: afterthetrauma@yahoo.com. TWO MISSIVES for you this week.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund is co-sponsoring the Teen Action Campaign, See It and Stop It, an unprecedented multi-media public education campaign by and for teens. It offers posters, radio and television public service announcements, an online toolkit, and valuable information on how to recognize the warning signs of dating violence, how to stop it, and how to make a difference in your school and community. See It and Stop It was developed by teens in Massachusetts, with support from the Family Violence Prevention Fund and The Advertising Council. You can download a great Toolkit and more information about the Campaign at: http://www.seeitandstopit.org/pages/.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has launched a website to serve researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. The NIDA Networking Project site facilitates information sharing and research collaboration among those concerned with drug abuse through access to locations, people, expertise, and resources from NIDA’s research networks. You can access this great new website at: http://nnp.drugabuse.gov/.


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