Another Constitutional Attack??

January 2, 2008

“It’s definitely a breach of the First Amendment rights, the Constitution and everything else,” Holder said during a phone interview. “What is happening toView » the American dream? To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I was born and raised in the United States.” — Joey Holder, owner of Valley Girls, Rio Grande Valley, TX

flagWhat could this latest threat to our liberties be? Warrantless wiretaps? More Guantanamo detainees? Another raid on the Crime Victims Fund?

Nope, it’s the latest idea in funding sexual assault programs in Texas…a $5 tax on strip clubs, dubbed, “The Pole Tax.” Expected to raise some $40 million for sexual assault programs, the fee went into effect on Jan. 1 and is being challenged by bar owners, saying there is no relationship between nude bars and rape [Topless bar owners: Don’t strip us of our rights, The Monitor].


Technology and Domestic Violence, Victims’ Rights Article, Methamphetamine Guidebook, AND Job Opp in NYC

December 30, 2007

Dear Friends:

I hope each of you, like me, is looking back at 2007 and appreciating our accomplishments that have benefited victims and survivors of crime. AND at the same time, realizing the challenges that remain ahead… here’s to a “great ’08 for victims rights and services.” FOUR MISSIVES FOR YOU THIS WEEK:

The National Network to End Domestic Violence’s “Safety Net: National Safe and Strategic Technology Project has resources to address how technology impacts victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Safety Net Project publications are available online in six languages, and can be accessed at:

An interesting article published in U.S. News and World Report on the impact of crime victims’ rights laws is worth reading. And I’d be interested in knowing what you think! You can download it at:

A free guide, produced by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and UCLA ISAP, is a comprehensive compilation of the latest information on methamphetamine, including: an overview of methamphetamine and its effects, guidelines for assessment, treatment, and recovery and the impact of methamphetamine on special populations. You can download the document at:

There is a GREAT employment opportunity at Family Justice in New York City for a Director of Training and Curriculum Development. I have worked with these wonderful folks for years on incorporating victim issues into broader justice issues. The job description and additional information can be accessed at;



Teen Drug Use, New OVC Fellowships, School Safety Statistics, AND Resources for Cultural Inclusiveness

December 28, 2007

Dear Friends:

MMM sends you best wishes for a truly wonderful holiday, and hope that you get well-deserved time to celebrate with family and friends. Four missives for you this week:

“Monitoring the Future,” a new Report from the University of Michigan, has important statistics related to the decline in teen drug use. You can access this document at:

OVC is sponsoring a competitive program that will award three grants of $75,000-$125,000 to individuals to provide direct operational assistance to crime victim organizations and agencies; design and develop innovative initiatives; develop and deliver training programs; and assist with evaluation and capacity building efforts. Fellowships specifically address sexual assault, human trafficking, public awareness, field outreach, and victims’ rights enforcement. Those applying are urged to begin the application process well in advance of the January 10, 2008 deadline. You can access further information at:

BJS has just published “2007 Indicators of School Crime and Safety.” This annual report examines crime occurring in school as well as on the way to and from school. It also provides the most current detailed statistical information on the nature of crime in schools, school environments, and responses to violence and crime at school. It can be accessed at:

From our friends at Victim Services 2000: The Denver Foundation offers some excellent resources on how to build an inclusive organization, which include great resources on cultural competence. Check it out, great resources for victim advocates!:</fo